Welcome to our Bamboo Craft Store

The most unique craft store designed by expert craftmans

Green Products

We believe that everyone should support global campaign to save our planet. Start reuse, recycle and reduce from the small thing. Our mission is to bring green products to be our lifestyle. We hope many people affected our campaign


We are not just creating a different stuffs. We are creating a masterpiece. We create stuff very details in every parts so that people understand that we just create a masterpiece. People will find us due to we create the best stuffs

Lifetime Passion

Our craftsmen are people who live for it. Working with love and passion. People whom dedicate their entire life to create a beautiful and perfection stuffs. We have a experienced team and lifetime passion in this business

Excellent Support

We heard what people said about our products. We learn their feedback and we bring the best one. All of them can be achieved as we listen every single word they talk about us. We have excellent support as we care our customers

Secure Payments

Do not be afraid, we use third party to secure your payment process.

Money Back Guarantee

We have money guarantee if you receive an unsuitable item as described in our store

Deliver across the world

We deliver our products to across the world.. Please consult to us in case you have any question of shipment