Who is Bambootronic?

Located in Bogor, West Java Indonesia, Bambootronic is a home industry started at 2012 and specializing in unique and antique bamboo craft products combined with electronic devices.

Why Bamboo?

Bamboo is very popular tree in many countries especially in Asia. Usually the use of bamboo as raw material is limited to handicraft products, household items such as fences, to traditional musical instruments. Moreover, many people can make value-added products with bamboo as raw material. Our idea is not just how to make value-added products with bamboo as raw material. More than that we want to involve into GO GREEN global campaign. Stop using plastic and start GO GREEN

We called Bambootronic. Our product is combination between bamboo and electronic stuffs. Various audio-devices such as mini active speakers, speakers and home theater-using wood as a raw material may have been rife discovered. However, have you ever seen the audio device from bamboo raw materials? In Bambootronic we combine both of them and produce an attractive and unique audio devices, clocks and many more

Although made of bamboo, we convice you that our products have many advantages compared to audio factory products such as resulting sound sensation because it is softer and comfortable in the ear. Our product is able to provide a bass and treble  tone that softer and stronger when connected to various other devices, including computers and laptops

Customers are our heart

We believe that nothing is as unique, personal or well-received as something that’s been lovingly handmade. That’s why, from our web team to our amazing store colleagues and Customer Services to our CEO, we share a love for craft that thrills and inspires us every day.

We aim to make Bambootronic is the place for you to feel inspired, welcome and excited about bamboo craft. So, whether you’re new to bamboo crafting and want some advice, a busy mum looking for a school project, or a cross stitch expert seeking new ideas, we’ll help you with everything you need