Motivated Thomas Alfa Edison, Zainullah Success Make Earth Gravity Clock

The two-meter-long clock stands proudly in a booth. The shape is classic and unique. No batteries to move the needle from one digit to another. This bamboo clock created by Zainullah only relies on earth’s gravity.

Zainullah (47) is a man from Madura who is now living in Bogor, West Java. He has been producing Earth’s gravity clocks since a year ago. At first it was not easy for Zainullah to create the clock. It took him five months to research and experience several failures. But Zainullah still did not despair.

“I am motivated by Thomas Alfa Edison, the inventor of lamps who are experiencing so many failures, so I keep trying,” Zainullah told AFP on Monday

After five months, Zainullah just found a suitable concept for the clock of gravity. He then makes nine gears as clockwise rotation. 4 large gears serve as the prime mover and 5 small gears as buffers. A round board inscribed with numbers up to 12 attached. Two bamboo made needles attached to the gear.

In order for the needle to continue to spin like a clock in general, Zainullah dangle the weight of the mass weighing 1 kilogram. It is this burden that is the source of motion energy so that although not using the battery clock keeps spinning.

“At first I did not know to add 1 kg of mass weight, after five months of research,” Zainullah explained.

Despite using the laws of nature, but this clock turnaround does not miss a bit with a digital clock. According to Zainullah, clockwise turns new when exposed to wind sway. “So this watch should be put in glass, but this is for exhibition I do not put in glass,” he said.

Zainullah’s earth gravitational clock is exhibited at the Village Development Innovation Week (PIN) and National Appropriate Technology Degree (TTG) XVII Year 2015 held at Lhong Raya Stadium, Banda Aceh. He became a representative of Bogor, West Java in the event. A paper inscribed “Posyantek creative cottage District of Bogor Barat Kota” is placed under the clock.

The presence of Zainullah’s gravity clock attracts the attention of TTG visitors. Residents crowded over there to find out how to manufacture and there is also just look at how the clock works. Not only ordinary citizens, Minister of Home Affairs (Minister of Home Affairs) Tjahjo Kumolo also terpincut with these Clocks. He packed two Clocks to take back to Jakarta.

“He immediately asked for this to take home, but we did not give it as an example to display here, then he said the message two seeds,” said the scholar of Islamic Education.

According to Zainullah, the initial idea of ​​making this clock born originated from his thinking how to turn bamboo into valuables. To make this clock, may use any bamboo. But for Clocks on display at the booth, Zainullah wearing bamboo andong. Zainullah now only takes a week to make an Clock.

“One Clock it takes one bamboo stem, the price of a single bamboo is only about Rp 50 thousand,” he said.

Zainullah now membanderol Clocks with varying prices. For Clocks sold in Indonesia he valued Rp 5 million. While the Clocks are supplied overseas he sells for Rp 15 million. Jam Zainullah creation is also the first winner of innovative creations level West Java Province. In addition to the gravity clock, Zainullah also creates with a number of other unique items.

“Everything I make from bamboo,” explained Zainullah. (detik dot com)

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