Various Audio devices made of bamboo in Bambootronic

bamboo radio

And the story begin…

Various audio-devices such as mini active speakers, speakers and home theater-using wood as a raw material may have been rife discovered. However, have you ever seen the audio device from bamboo raw materials?

In the hands of Zainullah, 44, bamboo transformed into a variety of audio devices with an attractive and unique look, and adhere to the concept of environmentally friendly.

Zainullah breakthrough is somewhat intelligent. In the eyes of ordinary people, the use of bamboo as raw material is limited to handicraft products, household items such as fences, to traditional musical instruments, including kolintang from North Sulawesi and angklung from West Java.

“If other people can make bamboo as a value-added product, why not me. Nowadays, people’s need for the uniqueness of a product has started high. I offer this product because there is a huge opportunity, “said an artist from East Java who lives in Bogor, West Java, told Bisnis.

Departing from his wishes, Zainullah then started his business seriously under the Bamboo Audio company under the trademark Bambootronic. This business is recognized Zainullah newly occupied a year ago.

Before seriously pursue this business, the man who is familiarly called Cak Nul is managing the business of small and medium enterprises, namely Technical Services Partners (MJT). The small-scale company offers service of various electronic products including television, radio, refrigerator, air conditioner (AC), laptop, and computer.

The service of electronic product that was founded by Zainullah was actually well known by the people in all Jabodetabek area. However, the onslaught of electronic products that flood the domestic market makes Zainullah despair.

Zainullah feel the negative impact of the circulation of electronic products from China is quite massive. Instead of using the service, people prefer to buy new electronic products.

“Moreover, electronic products from China are very cheap. The cost of buying new goods with a service not much different. Our business collapsed. ”

Failed in the field of electronic services, Cak Nul tested the training held Forestry Education and Training Center in the city of Bogor.

From that training, Cak Nul get various kinds of knowledge about bamboo processing, especially bamboo handicraft.

Cak Nul is not entirely interested in the craft produced. In his mind, Cak Nul is determined to produce a unique product of bamboo. Armed with the football terjangnya in managing business services electronic services, Cak Nul swerved into a bamboo audio device crafters.

Active speakers from bamboo produced Cak Nul can be used for computers, laptops, mobile phones, and MP3 players. The process is quite simple because it only assembles the electrodes and then put into a bamboo tube.

Trial of the product was done through an exhibition held by the Institute of Business Incubator UKM (Ikubis) Bogor Agricultural University which is very focused to empower innovative SME actors.


Although made of bamboo, Zainullah ensure its products are not less competitive with other similar products. In fact, Zainullah ensures its products have advantages compared to factory output audio products. One of the advantages Bambootronic product is the resulting sound sensation because it is softer and comfortable in the ear.

Alumnus Pondok Pesantren in Situbondo, East Java, claimed that the bamboo is used as speaker box was able to provide a bass tone and bass tones are softer and stronger when connected to various other devices, including computers and laptops.

What is amazing, Zainullah designing itself all the models of audio devices that he created with the help of about five bamboo crafters.

Noted there have been dozens of units of audio devices or aids for various devices that have been produced in the Bamboo Audio berba sis in the area of ​​Batu Batu, Bogor, West Java. Zainullah even able to produce tape classmate mini compo with bamboo base material.

Not limited to that product alone, Zainullah also continues to experiment to produce various other products, such as home theater. For this product, Zainullah still rely on incoming orders considering the price is still fairly high, reaching Rp2, 5 million.

Price of products produced Bamboo Audio is relatively varied, ranging from Rp100.000, Rp200.000 to Rp2, 5 million. “The highest price for home theater products.”

It is not difficult for Zainullah and his workers or craftsmen, because work is generally done on order. If there is no order, he and his team innovate the product or develop a model of electronic devices that are still based on audio.

Therefore, the capital is still mediocre, production equipment that is used is still simple.

“Going forward, I want to increase the utilization of the machine so that the production process can be faster and produce capacity with a scale larger than the current.”

Zainullah and his colleagues are also determined to develop other innovative products, namely the entire wall clock raw materials made of bamboo, including gear or numerical pointer player.

Zainullah is lucky. Not long ago, at the peak of the National Entrepreneurship Movement (GKN) 2013, Zainullah was included in the list of working capital recipients of Rp20 million from the Ministry of Cooperatives and SMEs, after the business proposals it submitted passed the selection.

“However, I would be very happy if there are investors who want to work together to build and develop bamboo audio business. The capital that I get is obviously very small to expand this business capacity. Especially to bring industrial machines, “said Zainullah. (bisnis dot com)

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